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February 17, 2012

B. Martin

RapBroker’s Biggest Artist Yet:

“You show me how hot you can make the song,” T-Pain said on the video. “Show me what you can do with a song with T-Pain. If you got the hottest verse, I’ll put you on my mixtape, and then, I’ll even give you a verse on my album.”

You may have heard him on T-Pain’s Prevolver mixtape rapping on the track “Motivated.” B.Martin is the winner of T-Pain’s “Motivated” competition, and since then has been blowing up. B. Martin has landed a record deal with Phase One/Sony and is currently working on another mixtape. His recent performances have been with huge artists such as Young Money’s Bow Wow and Rostrum Record’s Mac Miller, a huge milestone for any rapper in today’s industry.

When B. Martin entered T-Pain’s competition, he knew he had potential of winning. Sifting through T-Pain’s competition entries, B. Martin says “NOBODY had a good video, only the song with a picture or pictures.” Ready to make things happen, the rapper contacted his video producer and got to work. Within one day, B. Martin had a video that would change his life forever. The video was sent to T-Pain’s e-mail, and the waiting began. His friends began posting the video and sharing it throughout social networking sites, earning him 2,500 views in over 48 hours!

The following Sunday, B. Martin had gotten the response he had been waiting for. He had won T-Pain’s competition! B. Martin got the reward he was promised: a verse on T-Pain’s song “Motivated” on his mixtape. Since then, B. Martin is becoming one of the biggest rappers. With an outstanding number of 7,570 likes on his artist Facebook page and over  10,548 fans on Reverbnation, B. Martin has proved to be an artist that is dedicated and devoted to music. His journey as a famous American artist has just begun, and is well off to far greater moments and opportunities.

B. Martin is currently one of the finalists on Hot 97’s Who’s Next competition! Help him win by voting here!

Who’s Next is sponsored by Hot 97 in New York.  B. Martin entered this competition with over 2000 others working towards being known as the Best NEW Hip Hop Artist in NY.  With a strong fan support world wide, as well as his drive to advance his music career he is now in the Top 2 fighting to the end for the first place prize.  If he wins, he will be known as the Best NEW Hip Hop Artist in NY and will have his music played on many radio stations throughout the United States.  He will also be flown to Austin, TX in March to open for J. Cole where he will battle the Best NEW Hip Hop Artist in LA for a spot on the Summer Jam Festival Stage 2012.

Voting:  The main way that B. Martin will win this competition is having people vote.  Voting for the final round ends this Sunday, February 19th @5pm EST.  Voters can vote once per day until Sunday.  Here are the steps for someone to vote:
1) Go to this link: http://whosnext.hot97.com/
2) Login thru Facebook on that page…After logging in, ‘Get Registered’ (Enter Zip/Password))
4) VOTE for B. Martin on the Finals Page
5) Reminder – you can vote Everyday


Get B. Martin’s music!
Official Youtube
Other Youtube
Datpiff (Free Download of mixtape)
Posted with permission from B. Martin and management.




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