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February 16, 2012

Bent Rules – Kyle Bent

By far the youngest artist RapBroker has ever presented. Kyle Bent is a 14 year old gold mine. This cat has a special personality that can’t be missed! Talk to this kid for ten minutes and you’re already thinking “this kid has something to him.” Kyle has quick wit, clever punch lines, and an impeccable delivery. Kyle Bent (formerly known as KAYOGEE) claims to be a “word-smith’s WORD SMITH, a rapper’s RAPPER and a writer’s WRITER.” Kyle was born in Jamaica and raised in the suburbs of Boston (Randolph, MA.) This basketball player’s most impressive feature is his ability to track down and OWN any moment thrown at him. Inspired by love lyrics and word-play by artists like B.O.B, J. Cole, and Chiddy Bang, Kyle has an enormous spectrum of musical style that ranges from techno, R&B, soul, and even gospel. He is a leader, a quality that can easily be spotted in Kyle just by listening to his work. If you’re looking for something different and not influenced by the trends created by today’s rap artists, allow Kyle to welcome you to the NORM.
One listen, and you will be a fan forever.

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