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February 16, 2012

Black Diamonds – Local Boy & Tu Tall


Black Diamonds started as a group of friends with a passion for music. Recording, producing, writing, and filming all their own music this group is quickly gaining popularity. The group consist of 3 members; Tu Tall, Local Boy, and TC Lathrop who have collectively opened for the likes of; MGk, LMFAO, and the New Fo’s. The group has also been featured at many night clubs such as School of Rock, Smashboxx, Afterlife, and many more! Starting out as just friends their passion for music was undeniable and their friendship turned into a family. With a hot new party and club rap style, the sky’s the limit to where this group will go. The group has since teamed up with major producers looking to further their movement. Producers such as Lifted of Mtvs hype beats and Dj Slippe of G-Unit have recently been guiding this young group in a positive direction, creating monster beats. 2012 will be the year they will be put on the map and get the recognition they finally deserve with each artist releasing a solo album, and the group collectively releasing 4 mix tapes in the up coming year. The raw passionate music they create combined with sharp precise lyrics make this trio a group that needs to be heard.

Tu Tall- 22 years old from Buffalo Ny

Local Boy-22 years old from Manhassett Ny

TC Lathrop – Manager -22 years old from Scottsdale, AZ


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