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February 28, 2012


Feras Khouri also known as “DoubleA” was born during the Gulf War on February 16th, 1990 in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Because of the ongoing violence caused by the Gulf War, everything DoubleA and his family owned was destroyed, including their home. This forced them to move, and with no looking back, they landed in the one and only Motor City – Detroit, Michigan. Ten years after struggling with the new laws and culture of the United States, DoubleA and his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona in hope to make a better life for themselves. As an adolescent, time went on and DoubleA experienced many ups and downs which merely fueled his fire to write and compose his own music. Since then, DoubleA has worked with industry artists such as Black Wall Street’s Juice McCain, and successful producers such as Zaytoven, in order to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a rap artist. The young sensation finally mastered his flow and became able to express himself while creating music that others in all walks of life could relate to and enjoy. Now standing tall at number two in the Phoenix Rap charts, DoubleA continues to better himself and those around him in hope to one day become an influential figure in the music industry. Quitting is not an option, and DoubleA’s quest for success has just begun.

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