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February 9, 2012

Kid Nyge

Our next artist is a talented 16 year old. He’s quite a rookie in the rap game, but he’s had a pretty good journey. Already signed by Fame Recordz, 693 likes on Facebook, 713 Reverbnation fans and two mixtapes out, this dude has some damn good potential! This is a kid with tight bars, tight flow, and swag. Don’t be surprised when you see him at a local show. His newest mixtape, “Sky Is The Limit” features songs such as “Sun Come Up” and “Run This.” Nyge’s music has a down to earth chill feel with a tight flow. Make sure you listen to “Young Till I Die” It has to be the sickest song on his mixtape. Check him out on Facebook and Reverbnation. Let him know where you heard his music!

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