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February 15, 2012

Local Minority

Local Minority is a two man group of two different stories. Group members Jonny BoII coming out of Dallas,Tx and Nick B coming out of Phoenix, Az started working together in late 08 early 09 as collaboraters but later became a team, forming a group of what is now know as Local minority. Nick being talented in his lyrical skills and JB being talented nd his singing ability nd his lyrical skills they decided to put the talent together to make music that was appealing to all. At the ages of 20(JB) nd 19(Nick) they focused on not following the crowd like everyone else but showing that they could be unique in their own way just like everyone else. being known for their sense of style creativity in their songs and their originality Local Minority has been working to perfect what they do best. Making music, and Loving what they do. Like they say LM UP.!




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