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February 9, 2012

Lyrical Trilogy

If you’re looking for the perfect representation of Phoenix rap, you’ve found it. Two Emcee’s and an R&B artists, these guys are bringing a sound that will blow your speakers up! The three members (Diplean, Big J, Saydee Love) hold the #1 title on the Phoenix charts with 6,503 fans, 15,174 profile hits, and 7,380 track plays on Reverbnation. They’re not just rocking the web, but also venues around Phoenix. Lyrical Trilogy has performed at The Goat Head Saloon, Donna Jean’s Tavern, Jugg Heads, Big Fish Pub, Venue Of Scottsdale, Chaser, The Clubhouse and also The Sets. These guys deserve mad respect for making it to the top. They are setting a new standard for Phoenix rap! Hit that download button and throw their music on your iPod. The lyrics are inspirational and their hooks are guaranteed to be stuck in your head! These three are keepin’ it real and are without a doubt going places.

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