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February 22, 2012

Prime Philips A.K.A. Beerbugg

RapBroker.com is proud to present Prime Philips A.K.A. Beerbugg. Beerbugg has been on the music since the age of 13-14 and has been producing music since he was just 16-17. Most people know him as Beerbugg or just simply Bugg, but he has made a name change to Prime Philips. Prime Philips has always taken on unconventional methods of making music, such as not using preset drum loops or samples in his music. Every instrument from the percussions to the keys are all his own work. Sometimes Beer Bugg will be tapping on the desk and find himself making a beat out of that, adding hi hats with his mouth and even adding in a low grunt behind the kick. He also finds himself recording real claps and finger snaps and adding them behind the snare, even adding real guitars and throwing in vocal extras once in a while. Called a rare breed by some people, Prime Philips can only conclude that he is just being himself. He has collaborated with artists such as Baby Bash, Frank V (Proper Dos), Mc Magic, El DeBarge Jr., Big Gemeni, as well as other national, regional and local legends. In 2001 he along with brother/rapper Truebreed founded the rap group Quest 4 Cash (Q4C). Q4C branched off to have a California chapter and both are still going strong. Look out for  his debut solo album entitled “Valley Fever” scheduled for release soon!


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