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February 19, 2012


Hailing from New York but raised in Miami, FL, NSA Entertainments SABO, is the latest Hip-Hop prodigy this independent label is set to blaze the industry with. As a proud Colombian this 27-year old intelligent, yet rugged rapper has used an assortment of past struggles and influences to mold him into the dynamic character of SABO. Growing up in the Miami area, SABO relishes his memories of the hood and Military Life style and only wants to give back to the country, which has molded him into the confident individual he is today. “I want to be that person from my community that people can look up to.”  As he prepares to release his 2nd solo album “Modern Warfare 2.0 Digging In The Crates” on Veteran’s Day 11/11/11, Sabo’s lyrical style and delivery assimilates him to the likes of Scarface, Tupac and Biggie. He injects some Cormega and Nas affiliations into his repertoire, but SABO is an individual himself. SABO’s engaging personality stems from a childhood highlighted by learning. He believes the absence of his father made him suffer through the realization that life can’t get much worse.Especially conducting two tours in Iraq as a Combat Tanker.  He began producing poetry in Middle school and found it as a sense of spiritual freedom. Through his poetry, SABO was able to unleash a skill for writing, which correlates to his ability to compile masterful lyrics apart of the NSA ENT lineup. SABO can now located in a cut-throat music scene in West Palm Beach He finds himself working with other talented visionaries including Soldier Hard and Mr Univerze taken over one city at a time. Working close with notable producers such as Deff Tyme Productions out of the UK has expanded SABO’s empire worldwide. Now as a member of Redcon-1 Music Group and affiliated with Universal Thoughtz Music Group the world better prepare for greatness in the making.


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YouTube: No Matter What





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