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February 12, 2012

Skyy Rayy

In mid-2011 Skyy Rayy(Skylar Vasquez) age 22 came out public in becoming a Hip Hop Artist. Music has always be a part of Skyy’s life. In his young age of 10-16 Skyy did alot of things in the music and entertainment world by doing show for Companys from Grease, Broadway Cool, Dance Shows and being in top choir in high school. While attending church he also helped lead the worship team. Skyy soon fell off and stopped doing music in general due to a lost passion for it. Raised by a single parent, skyy hard to work hard to be the man he is today.  He bagan making bad decisions in his life by getting involved in the drug scene. He soon was heading down a path that would soon change his life. He finally hit rock bottom and decided to quit and make something of his self. Skyy pushed to get back on his feet. Skyy talks about real moments and real stories in his music. Skyy Rayy is an Arizona hip-hop Artist trying to make a difference by influencing people with his music. Skyy has dropped two mixtapes and still has one in progress.Skyy Rayy has been working hard and is determined to get better everyday. He will be working on his EP and it will be dropping soon as well. This talented young man is a Recording artist, producer, engineer, songwriter, actor, and video director. He is a versatile Artist and person, always ready for anything!





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