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February 7, 2012

Yung Supa

Self-made rapper Yung Supa (Bryar Gengler) used to write rap songs just for kicks in class and share them with his class mates. It soon became a hobby that would consume most of his time and life. Mastering a consumer level software (Mixkraft) and converting his bedroom into a homemade studio, rap songs soon started to become fabricated. Although Yung Supa has never been in a professional studio, the quality of his music suggests that it has been recorded in a professional environment.

Yung Supa songs soon hit YouTube and were listened by his class mates and family. The feedback was outstanding and he was pushed to keep writing by positive comments and good reviews.

When Bryar began to attend North Canyon High School he wrote “Black and Purple.” A song that was played over the school’s video announcements to an audience of over 3,000 students. The song became wildly popular around the school and was performed by Bryar and Audio (Luke Boggs) at the school’s talent show. A series of music videos arose followed by more and more views and positive feedback.

The musical style created by Yung Supa is different than most of today’s top music. Unlike popular artists, Yung Supa believes in using clean lyrics as they are more difficult to write and is more original than filling in verses using exploited language.
Today, Yung Supa continues to become an even bigger rapper around the web and in his community. Posted links on Facebook are shared non-stop by friends and new fans and every music video that is posted becomes better than the previous.

Yung Supa aims at one day becoming a signed artist by a music label company. Getting signed would fulfill his dream of becoming a rapper and creating a lifestyle out of it. Music has become a way of life for Bryar and he strongly believes music is what he was meant to create.

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