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April 8, 2012

50 Cent Not Too Pleased With The Label

We got word that 50 Cent is threatening Interscope to drop another mixtape for the hell of it if they don’t drop his new album. He’s turned to Twitter to drop some heat.

“I got 3,500,000 views in 3 day on hands up. Ok I need a record deal jimmy iovine , call me early tomorrow or I’m putting out another mix tape. Anybody want to sign me I’m a young hungry artist and I work harder then everybody in hiphop call me tomorrow.”

50 later posted this on Twitter

My next album is great its shame the hardest people to work with were suppose to be on the same team with me. SK.I’m not doing any press for this album. I worked really hard on it my music speaks for it self. I may put out another mix tape for fun. SK. Music was so much fun for me now the people and politics involved disgust me. I’m putting out a song tonight FT EM at 12:00 PM happy new year.






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