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April 16, 2012


At 18 he was introduced to the game as a producer through Addicted for Life (A4L); Hot 97DJ Absoluts production company. Since then he’s had several underground artists and legends such as AZ and Sauce Money to new heavy weights Like Joel Ortiz on his smooth yet hard drum patterns, original melodies and uniquely chopped samples with deep baselines. The game has alot of rappers but not too many artists that wrap themselves into their music like DaLor. Although his street edge is quite evident and unavoidable, the thug persona isn’t his objective. He summed up his take on being an artist and what he wishes to accomplish in his career as simply “I want to give the world something different to listen to throughout their day that isn’t a self absorbed ME FEST and more of just my take on the world in a forward moving progressive way. Without highlighting ignorance or ignoring it..”



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