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April 17, 2012

High Hopes Mixtape – Brad Beasley

Arizona based Brad Beasley brings an impressive, unique mixtape titled High Hopes to his audience. High Hopes brings a refreshing new sound to the game of rap. His style is very unusual and different than that of common Phoenix rap. Brad has the impressive talent of staying right on beat and keeping the song alive.

The flow isn’t everything special about this mixtape. High Hopes has lyrics of the encouragement, inspiration, and dedication of a new artist. At only 15 years old, Brad Beasley demonstrates the drive and the motivation necessary to make it somewhere in the music business. The songs on this mixtape are clean, straight forward, and more than anything: comparable. Beasley has told RapBroker that he produces a good amount of his music.

High Hopes has every feel and mood. For example, “Can’t Stay” is an upbeat sick track that makes anyone feel unstoppable. Then, Beasley hits us with the track “Heartbeat (Remix)” which talks about losing a loved one to someone else and feeling a loss.

Brad Beasley shows his true colors in the High Hopes mixtape, and it is a perfect example of what else he has in store for us. His sound is definitely different and unique. Brad shows that he is on the right path, as he is becoming a master of his own sound and sticking to it. We can’t wait to hear more from this new and coming artist!




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