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April 4, 2012

MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT: Los “Wit My Hoodie On (Trayvon Martin Tribute)”

Marmera Films and After Platinum will be shooting “Wit My Hoodie On” with King Los today in Phoenix, AZ. King Los was recently signed by P. Diddy into Bad Boy. The song is a tribute to Trayvon Martin, a teen that was shot just for wearing a hoodie on the street. King Los has teamed up with Marmera films to produce a video tribute for Trayvon.


XXLMag.Com has posted the track “Wit My Hoodie On” which will be the song the music video will be produced for.


Marmera Films and After Platinum is inviting anyone who would like to come out to the location to be a part of this music video. Everyone please wear a hoodie to represent Travyon Martin and the movement.


Even will be at 4PM!


RapBroker will be on site.

See you guys there! Any questions contact us at contact@RapBroker.com




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