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April 10, 2012

The Coffee $hop Massacre – Vee

Vee is a rapper that isn’t new to Rap Broker, but his progression in the music industry deserves recognition. Vee, also known as Christian Deon, is a 24 year old rapper currently signed with Hobo Music Group. His last project, The Visionary, received over 50,000 downloads on Datpiff and was hosted by DJ Drama. Today Vee continues on his path to fame by pushing his music as hard as he can and it’s obviously paying off. As if midnight of April 10th, 2012 his new mixtape, The Coffee $hop Massacre, has been released. The mixtape features tracks produced by J U Nyce, Sango, and Speakerbomb. The mixtape consists of 14 songs and is hosted by DJ Unknown. Vee definitely has a unique style of rap and has what it takes to make it in the rap game. As I am listening to the most recent project I am intrigued by the variety of beats and the word play Deon has used. This just might be my personal favorite mixtape of the year so far.

Vee has recently been featured on Shade45 and has done shows with Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, J. Cole, Slaughterhouse and many more. Vee is a unique artist and truly is a visionary, he deserves the world’s attention. He won’t disappoint you.



“Pac once said ‘I’m not sayin I’m gonna change the world but I guarantee I’ll spark the brain that will change the world.’ I feel like I’m that brain.” -Vee, as stated in an interview with Matt Campbell


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