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April 14, 2012

Weird Man Breaks Into Diddy’s Mansion To Attempt To Live His Lifestyle

Quamine Taylor was arrested on April 1st at Bad Boy CEO Sean “Diddy” Comb’s home in the Hamptons after breaking into the mansion. Taylor was able to sneak into Diddy’s home after finding an unlocked basement door which gave him access to all of Diddy’s home. Taylor intended to live the equivalent lifestyle as Diddy by eating his food, drinking his wine, swimming in his pool, and even wearing the rapper’s clothes.

Quamine Taylor enjoyed the perks of P. Diddy’s home for over 24 hours while he was away.

It came as a surprise to find out that this is not the first time the man  had broken into Diddy’s house. In fact, it is the second time Taylor had broken into the rapper’s home and said he usually visits the home regularly.

“I’ve actually been going to the house from time to time since 2001,” Taylor told the press while he was being held at Suffolk County Jail.

The first time Taylor tried breaking into Diddy’s home, the police found him drunk swimming in the pool and passed off as Diddy’s cousin.

After setting off the alarms during his second attempt Taylor told authorities that he was a close friend of the rapper and that he had just set off the alarm on accident.

Unfortunately for this creep, Diddy’s caretaker found this man in the home around 4 PM and on April 1st and called the police.

“I got a good night’s sleep, but it’s not anything too special. It’s just like a three bedroom,” Taylor said.

The man’s mother said he has a history of a mental illness and a past addiction to Diddy’s music. “He grew up listening to [Diddy’s] music,” Taylor’s mom told the New York Post. “He has a long history of mental illness, and he has been off his meds for a while. We have been trying to get him some help.”

Taylor was charged with trespassing and petit-larceny and was being held with a $2,000 bail.




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