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April 16, 2012

Yung Success

24 year old, Daniel Smith is otherwise known as Yung Success; a young hip hop recording artist, who has aspired to be apart of the music industry since the age of 9! Daniel starting pursuing his dream as a musician when he joined the church and school choir. Eventually this lead to him learning how to produce his own instrumentals so he could record his very own, original tracks to distribute to his peers and throughout his school. This is when Smith decided that he wanted to make a career out of his talent. Yung Success currently has 1 mixtape out and it can be found on Datpiff! His next project is in the making. This project will be known as SWAG, although no release date has been set Yung Success plans on getting this mixtape out to his fans, who are his biggest inspiration, as soon as he can!

Success is signed with Trendsettah Inc Music/WestBound Records, but he hasn’t always had the support of a label. Yung Success worked through the struggles that he encountered to get to where he is now. 3 years ago that hard work paid off when Julian Petty, C.E.O. of Westbound Records stumbled across his music on Myspace, but the work doesn’t end now. Smith still has a long path to travel down.






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