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May 13, 2012

“Alone” – Azad Right

We have some RAW, pure talent right here!

Azad’s music video “Alone” is the hottest video of the month! With visions of hardships and struggles, “Alone” is a confession of Azad’s hardships. His lyrics are real as fuck! A story of a jobless, depressed and broke man, unashamed to let it all go in a deep and moving track.

His track keeps going by asking his audience how they are going to say he’s not a raw song writer. We have to agree with Azad! His flow is so tight and clean. We have a dreamer who is looking for his path in this world through music.


One thing we did notice about Azad’s “Alone” piece is that he spits about how his family and friends aren’t happy that he is relying on music to get him somewhere. This story is very common with upcoming artists. When the people around you start becoming unhappy of what you are doing, it becomes harder and harder to keep going, even as progress is being made.

All we can say, don’t stop! This video is pure fire and deserves respect! We can’t wait to see this guy on the top charts!

You can catch his mixtape “The Time Is Right” for free right here

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