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May 9, 2012

Boy Genius

First and foremost, Boy Genius is asking that his fans do not feel like fans, but rather feel like they are a part of the artist’s success. Boy Genius tells RapBroker that he doesn’t see his fans as fans; he sees fans as a family.

You’d be surprised to see Boy Genius perform on stage, due to his size. Boy Genius remembers performing at a Roscoe Dash show, and seeing the look on people’s faces when they saw his size.

Besides Roscoe, Boy Genius has opened up for underground mainstream artist Chris Webby. BG admits he was nervous as hell standing on the side of the stage watching other openers perform. He realizes that underground artist fans are so loyal that they tend to be hostile. Fortunately for the Genius, the crowd loved his performance that night!

His most recent mixtape “Where I’m At Now” dropped this April and can be found below. The mixtape had a lot of momentum from the minute is dropped. Boy Genius is already a step ahead and is already working on another mixtape titled “Fuck Your Mixtape.”

Stay on the look out for Boy Genius! He’s coming up!

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