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May 18, 2012

Logan: The Hangover Mixtape

Born in the streets of Brooklyn, New York, raised in the dirty south of Atlanta, Logan’s flow and style has been highly influenced from his life experiences. Logan brings an unprecedented and unique style to the rap game. With lyrics unmatched to any rapper, Logan has the talent to spit bar after bar. The 22 year old artist is a member of the Royal Family Music group. Logan has spent years gearing out the Hangover mixtape and is proud to be able to give it out for free to all his fans.

The Hangover has a very distinct sound, and an outstanding 7,000 downloads on DatPiff. The tape is a perfect balance of groove and hunger, a combination of the glamorous life of a young dude in his prime, and sometimes carries the harsh reality of being an unsigned artist. A guaranteed enjoyable listening experiences is brought by Logan’s charisma, clever wordplay, and consistent flow on the “Hangover” (along with a crispy production from sound engineer Jon Cheadle.)

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