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May 28, 2012

Video: DJ Pauly D Talks About 50 Cent, Jersey Shore, And Future Projects

The Jersey Shore DJ Pauly D is the lucky guy who scored a deal with 50 Cent’s label last December. The label is different from 50’s G-Unit label. The label that DJ Pauly D is signed to is G-Note, which is a label featuring artists from all different labels coming from Pop, R&B, Dance, and more.

Right after the signing, 50 Cent, and the DJ announced that Pauly D would release his very own brand of SMS Audio headphones. DJ Pauly D has built himself an impressive portfolio since signing with 50 Cent. He’s had the first season of his own reality television show “The Pauly D Project” air on national television, and has scored official residencies at the Palms Hotel in Vegas, and Harrah’s Pool in Atlantic City, NJ.

AllHipHop.com landed an exclusive interview with the famous Jersey Shore DJ. Check it out!





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