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June 10, 2012

Arizona Hip-Hop Will Go Nowhere Without Collaboration

Producers, promoters, event organizers, and club owners all say it themselves. Arizona is the wackest state for hip-hop. Arizona is a very unique state when it comes to music business. It works differently then other states. Arizona is competitive, it’s greedy, and it’s selfish. Countless stories are told about event promoters screwing over local talent, about fake shows and scams. It happens every weekend, to anyone, and to everyone. You haven’t been in the music business in this state if you haven’t gotten scammed.

Every day artists are dissing each other, wanting to fight, and putting each other’s music down. And all the local talent wonders why Arizona has no one big make it. They wonder why even though there’s endless talent, no one is willing to sign an Arizona artist. That is because of the image this state has gained for the hip-hop world. Remember the Nipsey Hussel shooting in early 2012? Remember the parking lot fight a week after that? Although these events may seem small to us, they made it to the front page of numerous news outlets and it has stained our image and our value.

For some reason, Arizona feels that being selfish and trying to be the big bad guy in the state is what’s going to make them big. Wrong. It in fact puts those artists at the bottom of the list. It makes them lose credibility. Local artists need to stop speaking so highly of their music, especially when it’s trash. Let your music speak for itself. We need to put an end to the solo acts and to become a movement.

If Arizona wants to start getting attention from big labels such as Def Jam, YMBCM, and other big labels, it needs to start collaborating. This state needs to rise to another state of mind and begin becoming a community of supportive artists. I’m talking about collaborating on each other’s tracks, doing shows with more local talent, to start looking out for each other. Local artists release mixtapes all the time; support them. Show the big guys that Arizona has what it takes to become the next big state, the state that deserves the attention and the support from the big guys in the hip-hop and rap world.

As a good friend says, stop trying to become the king of the hill .There is no hill. Build it, become a community and start making some noise. No talent in this state will be recognized until it becomes a community of supporting talent, until those scamming promoters stop trying to take everyone’s money and hussel the local artist.

When local music gets out and around its own state, once it begins to become supported by its own state, that’s when the music begins to spread to surrounding states and eventually the nation. Spread other artist’s music to the state, and the state will spread to the world.

So far the solo acts of artists in this state has lead us to give us the worst title. Begin supporting each other, and the world will support the state. Until Arizona takes a turn for it’s own hip-hop and rap artists, we will continue to be the state no one wants to work with. Our image needs to change, and it’s all in the local talent’s hands.




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