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June 3, 2012

D-Pryde’s Flagship Mixtape Brings Fire!

YouTube sensation D-Pryde has dropped quite the fireball today! Have you checked DatPiff today? Kid’s got a front page banner! Front and center. D-Pryde began as a YouTube sensation creating comedy videos and ultimately went to become signed by MARS Music Group.

Last year D-Pryde dropped his first mixtape, MARS, which was quite the introduction to the rapper’s career. MARS was mainly focused on the struggles and hardships of what it took to get signed and becoming what his label calls him “the next superstar.” And well on his way he is!

Flagship is quite a different sound then what we’re used to from D-Pryde, but it’s sick. Flagship is pretty much the stand for Pryde, it’s his milestone in the world of hip-hop. The Brampton Filipino artist sounds confident, dedicated, and stronger than ever in the Flagship mixtape! Production of the album is right on target, and lyrics are sharp! Although, the cover had us feeling a little bit cracked out.

Overall, D-Pryde’s Flagship is hardest hitting mixtape on the internet yet!




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