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August 13, 2012

Teenage Causes $250,000 In Damages From His $5M Mansion Party

A teenager from Orlando decided to break into a $5M Mansion in Isleworth to throw an underage drinking party for all his friends.

The teenager caused over $250,000 worth in damages from holes and beer in the wall, beer on the carpet and tile, and more.

Isleworth security said that Charles Fairchild Harding created an “open list” to allow everyone to enter to property under his name. Security said that at least a dozen people were at the party.

The homeowner of the mansion will be pressing charges against Harding after it was confirmed that he was responsible for organizing the party.

Police arrested Harding at his home on Griffin Court just before 4 A.M. last Wednesday.

Harding explained to the police that he was throwing the party for his friend who was going out of town. He told deputies that the party had gotten out of control and a much larger crowd than anticipated has showed up.

Harding is being accused of burglary of a dwelling and criminal mischief. Harding has offered to pay for all the damages.




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