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January 24, 2013

Tha Underground Railroad Preparing For Second Volume

Tha Underground Railroad - Yaymee K

After a highly successful first event (volume), Tha Underground Railroad is already preparing to bring another volume in the series of independent underground artist events. The first volume which took place on January 12th, 2013 at Joe’s Grotto totalled out at over 600 people of diverse backgrounds who all came out to support the local hip-hop scene.

Tha Underground Railroad gives many incentives to artists who are given the opportunity to win a competitive event simply by promoting themselves, building their brand, and giving a stellar performance. Among these incentives are radio interviews, magazine exposure, a Bobby Fresh Care Package, and even the chance to open up at a national artist’s event hosted by Sean Healy Presents. Yaymee K, the winner of the first volume has received a huge amount of love and support from the state of Arizona ever since being announced the winner. Her hit single “Good Day” was debuted last week on Pokafase’s Beat Locker Radio on 101.1 FM.

The incredibly rapid-growing program has been taking online registrations daily from artists who all want a shot at a real crowd to showcase their music and talent. The registrations for Tha Underground Railroad can be submitted by independent underground artists at no cost by filling out a form that asks information about them as artists and their past & current projects. If you are interested in registering for Tha Underground Railroad you can do that at ThaUndergroundRailroad.com.


Justus of Cut Throat Logic Hosting Tha Underground Railroad

Justus of Cut Throat Logic Hosting Tha Underground Railroad

Tha Underground Railroad Is Growing

Tha Underground Railroad has been relying heavily on word of mouth to spread throughout the state of Arizona like wildfire. Artists have been racing to the registration forms to get their submissions reviewed in hopes for approval to perform at the next big event. Tha Underground Railroad is accomplishing something that Independent Hip-Hop is in desperate need of: Organization.

With support from radio, television, magazines, and other important resources, Tha Underground Railroad is creating outlets for artists which would have been otherwise almost impossible for an independent artist to acquire. These resources are being given to the artists who can prove that they deserve to get such priceless and necessary tools to grow their music career by working hard and pushing their own music.


Volumes and Mixtapes of Tha Underground Railroad

Tha Underground Railroad Tickets and Mixtapes

Tha Underground Railroad Tickets and Mixtapes

Every artist that gets selected to perform at a volume of Tha Underground Railroad gets one or two of their tracks pressed into hundreds and sometimes even thousands of CD Mixtapes (volumes) hosted by DJ John Blaze of Radio Supa’s “Live From Central Avenue”. These mixtapes are given out free with every purchase of a ticket to a volume of Tha Underground Railroad. By the time the next volume comes around, hundreds of people have already heard every artist’s music, giving the artists a good amount of exposure.


Growing Support From State

Tha Underground Railroad

Support for Tha Underground Railroad on Instagram

Because Tha Underground Railroad is creating a sense of support and community in their initial state of Arizona, people have resorted to Instagram and other social networks to support and share the news about Tha Underground Railroad. Hip-Hop fans are starting to see that the era of disrespect is coming to an end, and we are entering a time of support, constructive criticism, self-branding, and initiative. Tha Underground Railroad will soon expand to a national level, offering volumes and local events to different cities around the United States. There is no doubt that Tha Underground Railroad is meeting its goal of helping independent underground artists build their own buzz, while at the same time supporting other local talent. Tha Underground Railroad will be the light of Hip-Hop.




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