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January 5, 2013

How Artists Can Use Reddit As A Promotion Tool

How Artists Can Use Reddit As A Promotion Tool

How Artists Can Use Reddit As A Promotion Tool

Reddit is the fastest growing online discovery share forum. Users post funny or interesting content that they find around the internet, and they ask for feedback or input from the rest of the community. Reddit’s community can then vote on content with an “Up Vote” or a “Down Vote”, up vote if they like it, and a down vote if they don’t like it. If the community gives it enough up votes, the post will move to the front page and ultimately get thousands of impressions per minute.

Although Reddit is not for everyone, it can be a great promotional tool for musicians and artists to share their new content. This doesn’t mean you should go on Reddit and create 10 posts per minute of the same song the way people do on Facebook or Twitter. Reddit is a very receptive community that likes to create conversational posts. For example, someone might post a funny video, or a picture of a nice Christmas gift they received and people will up vote or down vote depending on creativity and originality.

Michael Kolling has played in bands like Pink Monkey, Night of Fire, and Super Stolie and The Rockstars. Kolling is an active registered user of the Reddit community and had found that Reddit is a very creative way to receive feedback and at the same time, promotion for his music and projects.

Kolling has shared 7 Rules for Music Marketing on Reddit.

7 Rules For Music Marketing On Reddit

  • The number one rule is that you need to be a Redditor first, and a marketer second.
  • Just like anything else, it all starts with a good song. A better song will get better results.
  • Persistence pays off. Don’t be surprised if your first post doesn’t go far or get any attention. The community doesn’t know who you are yet.
  • Don’t spam. Don’t post about your music more than once per week. You should also avoid posting in the same subreddit two weeks in a row.
  • Choose the right subreddit to post your music to. If your project’s genre has a subreddit, then post there, but you’ll need to use more than one. Check this list of music related subreddits to get started.
  • Before you post your music on a subreddit, you need to be an active member of that community. Never post your own stuff as your introduction. Be sure to comment on other posts and post things that have nothing to do with your project.
  • Remember that the point of Reddit is to have a discussion, not promote your band. Whatever you do, make sure that your post invites some discussion. For the record, “What do you think of this song?” is not a valid discussion.


Remember, Reddit likes conversation and interesting things. Do not go on there posting like a mad man just promoting a random link. It won’t work! People will make sure it gets buried in down votes! Be interesting, conversational, and more than anything, post good content! An interesting music video is perfect! Be creative with it!





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