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February 14, 2013

RapBroker’s Online Promotion Guide For Local Artists: Facebook & Twitter Tips

local artist promotion guide

There was never a rulebook or guide set in stone for anyone on the internet to follow to properly promote themselves. Everyone sort of went on their own and came up with ways and techniques which they found semi-effective, but were still lacking.

The Promotion Guide For Local Artists will feature both online and street promotion tips which will help local hip-hop artists grow in their community, and reach an organic following.

In this first post, we will go over the importance of the networks of local artists.

Social Networks and Local Artists

Local artists all have either a Facebook page, a group, or a profile that they use to connect with their fan base. As many of you  know, this works pretty well, but not entirely as much as you’d like it to.


Facebook Rule-Of-Thumbs

  1. Post a daily status. One or two statuses ONLY, which are rich in information and content. This means only post what is worthy of posting. A track, a video, a photo, or a news status such as a show date. No one cares about what you ate as an artist. People only want important content. Post very sparingly throughout the day, and make sure you are posting at least once daily. This will increase value in your posts and you will see your interaction increase.
  2. Connect with your fans. People are constantly liking, sharing, and adding. Make sure your people know that you acknowledge this. Send new friends a message or post on their wall thanking them for adding you, and shoot them a link to your website or video. This will increase your community impact, and also increase your virtual traffic on your content.
  3. Behavior is everything. Don’t lie, we all judge people on Facebook that we’ve never met according to their posts, photos, and behavior. This is why it’s very important that you watch how you carry yourself online. Make sure you use proper spelling, you don’t start beef with people, and you’re a respectful user. Don’t say things you wouldn’t say to anyone in person. Remember, people are always watching and making assumptions. Don’t make them think bad of you just because you’re a clown when it comes to your online presence.

Twitter Tips:

  1. Follow. It is a proven fact that the only way to get followers the organic way on Twitter is to follow people first. I suggest you follow people who are in the same interests as you. Especially follow people who are in the same local community and group of people as you. Follow them, and they will follow you back if you are somewhat close to their group of interests or people.
  2. Your biography. Just like Facebook, your biography is the very first impression people will receive from you. Don’t write a stupid bio which will make you seem ignorant, such as “Da $Money$ King” or “The best hussla in AZ”. No one believes that, and plus, what is it, MySpace days? Bullshit isn’t cool anymore. People are learning to appreciate validity and honesty in social networks. So be yourself, and write who you truly are, in a nice, short, condensed manner. For example, my Twitter bio would read “I am a blogger. I work with a lot of hip-hop artists and I’m always looking for new talent. Make sure you add me on Facebook: *Place Link Here*”. That was a nice, short, bio which is informative, and valid.
  3. Give love. Retweet and favorite tweets which you find attractive or interesting. Not only will people appreciate this and surely show love back, but it also makes you seem active and reachable, which is what people like to see.


  1. Remember, people love content, but not too much content. Give your followers and friends content that is interesting and useful. Posting good info such as a show date, an update with a new track or video are all information which people like to see and interact with.
  2. Vlogs. Record yourself talking! People want to know what you have to say, and they will definitely watch if it’s a video, where they don’t have to read and they can just sit back and take in information. Any time you have a show or event, as an artist you should be vlogging and telling your fan base where you’re gonna be, when, why, and how they can get tickets. This is a method that is super-effective and will work. Post the video to your artist YouTube and share it to all of your social networks.
  3. Instagram: Instagram is the new thing. And if you’re not on Instagram, I’m not sure you are keeping up with today’s technology. Instagram is the perfect way to create new content and get people interacting. Make sure you use popular hashtags that are relative to what you are posting. For example #HipHop #Music #Studio #Recording #NewTrack. This allows more people who have never heard of you to find your content and follow you. Before you post a photo, make sure you are sharing it to all of your networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This will saturate all of your feeds at once. Remember though, content is good, but not too much. Give your content value! If there is too much, no one will appreciate it.


We hope this guide gave you some good, resourceful insight as to how a local hip-hop artist can use social networks to promote themselves and get discovered. We will be adding more tips and tools soon here on RapBroker’s Online Promotion Guide for Local Artists.




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