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February 19, 2013

“Recording and Producing” – RapBroker’s Online Promotion Guide For Local Artists


Hello and welcome to the third installment of RapBroker’s Online Promotion Guide For Local Artists. This is a guide that provides important resourceful information for local artists. In the past we have covered promotion for Facebook and Twitter, and why you should press your CD’s instead of copying them.

On this third chapter, we asked Arizona Producer Matt Campbell of Campbell Productions to give us some insight on what steps artists should take when it comes to recording and producing their own music. Matt Campbell has been producing, mixing, and mastering music locally for artists all over the state of Arizona. No one knows better tips and suggestions than him, since he’s with local artists so much.

Find out what he thinks artists should do when it comes down to recording and producing.

Recording and Producing – Matt Campbell’s Point Of View

Phoenix Producer Matt CampbellOn today’s guide for local artists I’d like to touch base on an essential part of the music industry. The recording process. Everyone knows that in order to be taken seriously as an up and coming artist in today’s hip hop scene you need high quality music and with modern technology that crisp, professional sound is very achievable. Now obviously, anyone can go out and buy some recording equipment, but that does not mean your music is going to sound good. You need knowledge, talent, and skill to assemble a track that can be passed on as a “professional” record. With a strong will to learn and the right resources you can become self-sufficient and create your own studio and become your own engineer. But for most of us, it’s easier to pay someone who has already mastered engineering and production to do it for us. That’s where people like me come in.

People automatically assume that it takes money to make good music. That is true; however, it doesn’t take a fortune. Finding a professional quality studio with affordable rates is not hard if you’re looking in the right places. I personally charge $20-$35 an hour for studio time and I’m aware of quite a few studios around AZ that charge anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour. All of which will give you a great final mix of your song, but finding an engineer that you connect with, that you enjoy working with is where it may get tricky. As corny as it sounds, take your time to find the ‘one’. You may be an artist, but an engineer is your brush. The point is, you need both to create your masterpiece.

Recording and Producing Campbell Productions

Preparation for Recording and Producing Is Important

Now once you’ve found the studio and the engineer you’d like to continue making hits with, you need to schedule a session and PREPARE. Many local artists come in to the studio unprepared, but when you enter through that door, you should be ready to record. Get to know your song. Understand how you’d like it to flow, have a beat picked out, and know your lyrics (even memorize them if you can). As an engineer with experience on the rappers end of the deal, I’m always willing to help you make adjustments to your song, but keep in mind, I said adjustments. You should already be pretty familiar with your song and how you want it by the time you go to record it. You’re paying for your time in the studio, why pay for something that you can get done in your own time?

After you have completed all of that you will have a final mix of the song, but the process doesn’t end there. The next step would be following up with a mastery agency to get a proper master done. Mastering is something that most people cannot afford, but thanks to the internet, you can find someone who will master single songs for as low as $25! Understand that mastering is essential for any project that you want to be taken seriously. People tend to aim for that ‘radio quality’ sound. Mastering is how you achieve that. As a local artist you probably don’t have money to spend on mastering for EVERY song. That’s  ok! Online mastering agencies do cut deals for those who would prefer to get their entire album mastered at once. I personally use www.ChannelFuseMedia.com who does entire projects for $200. Which is a steal for the work they do! But it’s ok to drop un-mastered songs and projects, but for the important stuff… spend the extra time and spend the extra money!

At The End Of The Day of Recording and Producing

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are satisfied with the final outcome of your music. Once you’ve accomplished that, set out to find like minds. Ones that’ll share the view points and love for the music that you’ve created.  Music may become costly, but don’t get discouraged if you’re on a budget because a lot of people are willing to negotiate. I know I am. I want to make music because I love it, not just because I want to make money. BUT KEEP IN MIND, you can’t expect others to spend money on your music if you won’t.

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