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May 20, 2013

Rumor: Drake “G-Walk” Vs. The Internet

Drake G Walking

You can’t beat the internet. The internet will always win against anything and anyone.

This last week, Drake was the target on the internet as thousands of memes were made of Drake for “G-Walking.” The dude didn’t do anything, except walk. But not just walk, he G-Walked, as the internet is calling it.

It all started with this photo of Drake and Rick Ross, where Drake is walking with just a little more swag than usual. The internet calls it “G-Walking,” and a lot of memes were made of him doing this walk. Hilarious!

Drake G Walking

Drake G Walking

Unless you’re on Tumblr and other forums, you may not have seen it, but RapBroker sure did!

Check it out, lots more of these were made, but these are the ones we thought were great!

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