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December 9, 2013

Justin Bieber says “I’m becoming a man…I’m just a boy”

It’s Too Hard Being The Bieber!

For a while we thought the Biebz was trying to tell the world he was all grown up. Don’t feel bad if all the tattoos and reckless driving through California didn’t get that point across because the Biebzter is now taking that back.

Justin Bieber (JBiebz) said in a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest that it’s really tough growing up in the spotlight of the whole world while going into manhood.

The Biebernator is now saying that he’s just a 19 year-old boy who the world has just plain wrong. After all, who would of guessed that a teenager worth $130 million would pee in mop buckets from time to time? He is also not a robot as he told Seacrest “I’m not a robot, I’m a human being.”

Listen To The Audio

Courtesy of TMZ

Justin Bieber’s documentary “Believe” is set to release in Christmas of 2013.




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