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December 11, 2013

Mike Tyson Denied Entry to United Kingdom Due To Rape Charges

Mike Tyson will no longer be granted entry into the United Kingdom due to a recent change in immigration laws. The UK has changed their laws to deny entry of individuals who have been sentenced to more than four years in prison.

This change in immigration laws will interfere with Mike Tyson’s scheduled stops in London for his promotional tour of his autobiography titled Undisputed Truth.

Tyson has no plans in standing still:


I have been coming to the U.K. consistently in the past decade so this change is disheartening since it affects my current entry standing. I apologize to my fans that were inconvenienced, however, please know I am currently working diligently with the proper authorities to regain access next year for my U.K. tour.

Not only will this interfere with Mike Tyson’s tour, but also with a Broadway show directed by Spike Lee which currently has eight night scheduled in Glasgow and Manchester for next year.




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